Mini Craft - VR Headset Mod for Glasses Wearers and Journal Update

Journal update first: The winner of the Daily Mindfulness Journal draw is Mel Cronin, cheers cheers! Mel, I'll get your address off you shortly and send you your daily mindfulness journal. I've actually had a surprising amount of interest in these journals from people wanting to buy them, so I've decided to make up a few to sell. If you're interested, drop me a line at mark at silverknife dot co dot uk. I'm asking £4 for a two month journal, UK shipping is 80p for one or two, three or four £1.26. International shipping for one or two is £2.60, three or four £3.80. I also have a couple of related ideas in the pipeline - more on those shortly, heh heh.

Unfortunately, as soon as I had a few to make up I starting having a weird issue with the staples - bafflingly they just seemed to stop penetrating the cover consistently. I thought maybe the card composition had changed, as I made the first few with a sample of a few sheets then ordered a pack of supposedly the same stuff (pro tip, most paper and card retailers will sell you a cheap sample pack of different weights and colours to try out). I bought better quality staples, then heavier gauge staples, but they just kept pretzeling instead of penetrating the card.

In desperation on Friday I ordered two whole new sample packs of card from two different suppliers in lighter weights, and then this afternoon as I was trying the stapler on bundles of plain paper to see where the cutoff was it suddenly started working again on the booklets! There may have been a bit of broken off staple jammed somewhere (hard to believe as it's such a simple mechanism)...just one of those times something you're making hates you and refuses to cooperate, I guess. So I apologise for the delay to the folks who've already made orders, and they'll be in the post next couple of days :) Onward!

This project is barely a craft, but apart from the staple debacle I have the plague, so this is what you're getting. Enjoy!

A friend gave me this VR headset a bit over a year ago, it's one of the ones that you fit your phone into and it's quite a nice well made and durable model. The only issue with it is that like most of them, it isn't designed to work with glasses.

The original foam rim on it, as you can see, goes all the way round, which means it presses on the legs of the glasses and forces them into your eyeballs, rather reducing the comfort of the viewing experience.

I pondered just cutting away the sides of the foam rim, but the depth still wasn't going to be enough for it to fit comfortably over the glasses. Fortunately (as you can see above), the rim separated from the headset easily, and equally fortunately I'd kept this sheet of unusually thick and dense packing foam from a box some piece of equipment came in.

I cut strips of the foam and then glued them to the headset with 2-part epoxy. I've just discovered the joy of epoxy for myself (although I remember my dad using it for home repairs when I was a kid) and it is wonderful stuff to work with - nothing like being able to make a join that's stronger than the original material in most cases. And this dual syringe dispenser makes it nice and easy to use and store.

Headset complete. This foam is great as it's got a little give for comfort but is firm enough to hold the headset in a comfortable position away from my face. If you didn't have access to such good foam I'd suggest maybe building up the ridge with putty or something more solid and then putting softer foam over it for comfort. The original foam rim was attached to the headset by plastic lugs, which left square and round holes all the way round - these could also be used to secure a replacement rim, although I didn't need them in the end as I had the might of epoxy.

I was concerned that the light leaking around the edges would be a problem but it doesn't seem to affect viewing at all. And bonus: It kind of looks like Johnny Five.

In line with my new posting schedule, next week will be a week off, so I'll see you all again on the 3rd. Cheerio!

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