10,000 Hours Progress and Housing - And Next Steps

So, where's that "10,000 Hours" project at, huh?

To briefly recap for new readers (hi!), almost exactly two years ago I decided to get serious about making things, and to that end I set myself the entirely arbitrary goal of spending 10,000 hours (the thumbnail figure required to become an expert according to Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers) making stuff.

Along the way I expanded the definition a little to include other kinds of practical skilled activity - repair and reconstruction, as long as it still results in a physical object or outcome and teaches me practical skills.

Towards the end of last year between work stresses and other distractions I'd let it slip a bit, and then in March I found out my landlord was selling my flat and had to start house hunting, which ended in me somewhat unexpectedly buying a house, with all that entails.

So, for the last few months the answer to most questions about what I'm up to has been "house". Where has all my money gone? House. Why do I seem to have no free time? House. Why am I soaking wet and covered in bruises? House.

But it's provided me lots of opportunities to learn and stretch my practical skills, so as I get myself back on track I'm awarding myself an arbitrary 75 hours for various kinds of Housing, including:

Now I'm finally getting past the urgent jobs and starting to settle back into properly making things, I'm also thinking about where I go next.

I've decided I want to push things forward in supporting myself with what I make, so I'm going to be pushing out further on things I can sell, hopefully adding some more products and better production methods.

I'm also seriously considering putting some more time into my making, and committing myself a bit more deeply to the income. My employers allow me to "buy" extra leave days - essentially taking unpaid leave but the cost is spread over the rest of the year - and I'm mulling over taking a chunk of those.

It would essentially allow me to take a day off every other week until March, which I could spend in the workshop, but it would also take a chunk out of my spending money - which would be a good incentive to really get on with selling what I make.

It's a scary step because once I've "bought" the days I can't really give them back, and of course with less spending money I have less options to get tooling and supplies. But it might be the kick I need to move things along here.

Watch this space!

See you soon!

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