I Aten’t Dead

This is a “Rerun” post from the original blog – I’ll be putting these up here and there alongside the new posts but with their original date of publishing.

Good grief, people!

I can’t believe it’s been almost four months since I put the site on hiatus. If you’re still around and reading, bless you 🙂

Searching for a new place to live after my landlord decided to sell my flat took various weird turns, and in what I suppose is a surprisingly short time I’ve ended up not just finding somewhere to rent but actually buying my very own three bed terraced house which I already love to bits.

Even 9 months ago I couldn’t have imagined being in this position (just over three years ago I was working in a print shop on minimum wage) and it still seems kind of unreal – and I feel incredibly blessed.

Naturally, though it’s been a big upheaval with all the usual stresses of moving plus navigating being a first time buyer (and moderate brain damage from banging my head on the cellar stairs about 15 times), and it was sad saying goodbye to the flat where I’ve been very happy.

But having my own place to fix up and work in is a whole new adventure – I’ve already learned a lot, and it’s given me the chance to properly exercise some of the skills and mindsets I’ve learned and talked about in these posts. I’ll try to make something interesting out of those experiences to share here, without getting too far away from the original point of Making Things. I’m not doing a lot of purely creative stuff at the moment (although my new workshop(s) coming together are making me VERY excited to get on with some projects – and to share them with you!) but there’s been some fun problem-solving and conceptualising and I have been building some things too, as well as a few interesting repairs…

I’ll aim to get a post up on Sunday with an actual build (something I’ve been particularly looking forward to sharing!) and then get back to my three-weeks-out-of-four schedule. Thank you again for sticking around and I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming content!

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