In retrospect I was wildly optimistic

Well, I was hoping that on a more accessible platform I’d stick with the blogging more, but given that I can never find time to get all the essentials done and have some leisure time too, this was not going to happen 😄

I’m putting the blog back on pause for the time being (although at some point I will at least copy over the rest of the old articles). If you would like to follow me or get in touch for the time being the best place is probably on my Instagram, where you’ll get behind the scenes photos, business updates (sales and new products etc) and general pretty pictures. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully at some point in the future (maybe when I can reduce the hours on my day job some more) I’ll get back to this, because I do love blogging and sharing all this stuff with you. For now, thank you for popping by and best wishes!


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