About Lowfield Light

About Lowfield Light

I love filling my house with candles, tealights and incense - particularly on a cold winter evening when I'm settling in with a book. 2 years ago I decided I wanted to get away from cheap and nasty chemical-filled tealights, so I taught myself how to pour beeswax.

Now I sell my candles, tealights and gift boxes on this website, on Ebay and at craft fairs, popups, and through local Sheffield businesses including Bare AlternativeCreate Coffee and Nether Edge Herbarium, with hundreds of happy customers.

I continue to make my beeswax candles and tealights here in Lowfield, Sheffield with the best rich yellow beeswax and pure cotton wicks. I'm meticulous in pouring, finishing and testing them and making sure my customers are delighted with their orders. I guarantee when you open your first box, see the beautiful golden glow and get that gentle scent of honey you'll be hooked too.

- Mark Hewitt

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